Web Series Review: Academy of Heroes, Episode One

Stan Lee is synonymous with superhero history. While there is certainly a whole lot more to it than one man’s career, Stan Lee not only helped pioneer it but is still around championing superheroes as a living legend. If you have a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15, he’s still available to sign it for you.

In Academy of Heroes, Stan Lee is host to an investigation of a culture he helped create. Real-life superheroes are real, and they are becoming common enough that even GQ is making lists of them. They are a phenomenon that is actually growing in popularity.

Now, Stan Lee is going to put a group of them to the test. His test. A test that will involve stunts, interviews and David Hasselhoff.

You read that right. The Hoff. He was Nick Fury before Samuel L. Jackson was Nick Fury. So Stan Lee is getting Nick Fury to train weirdos. For what purpose? So Stan Lee can add one to his World of Heroes, which probably means they’ll get their own YouTube show. Maybe not. They could just get a trophy.

Regardless, it could be incredibly entertaining. The seven people that made it through casting have interesting personalities. Overall, they aren’t a bunch of people trying their hand at vigilantism, they’re just good citizens dressing up in costumes and trying to make the community better. They are weirdos, but we live in a time in which everyone is a weirdo, so these are just some of those that let their freak flag fly. And just to keep things silly, one of the stars of the show is a guy with brass knuckles made out of electricity that offers a laundry list of battle scars and commands a cadre of other real-life superheroes.

How can you not be hooked? With the amount of train wreck reality television that exists, how is this not the cream of the crop? Why is this not on AMC in the slot after Comic Book Men? How is this not brilliant before it even starts?

This is like the first season of Survivor, in that this group of people aren’t doing this because they want a YouTube show, they’re doing it because they enjoy doing it. That is, they’re probably doing Academy of Heroes because they want to win, but they’ve been doing the superhero thing for years because they want to do the superhero thing. This is going to get genuine is what I mean. You get it.

Somebody is going to cry. Multiple people are going to cry. Hopefully one of them will cry with their mask on. That would keep me coming back. I don’t care which one yet; we don’t really know them well enough to make that call. But I want some hardship. What’s a hero without some hardship, eh?

And I want some redemption. Right now, I’m rooting for Nix, because she’s the only girl and I think we need more girl superheroes. I hope her story is a good one. The problem with web series is the episodes are so short, so this seven minutes doesn’t do anything except introduce the cast.

That’s enough. Make sure to subscribe to World of Heroes so you can get the show emailed to you as soon as a new one is ready. I’ll be back when the next one is up to give you the scoop.

Score: A, because there is no way I’m not watching Academy of Heroes, Episode Two. No way in hell I’m missing that. Just one question: Where the hell is Phoenix Jones? Guess they won’t stunt cast until the second season 😉

Check it out for yourself:

Photo: World of Heroes

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