Top 5: Music Videos Featuring Survivor Contestants

tyler-tamale-shaneIt should come as no surprise that Survivor celebrities and semi-celebrities have made their fair share of appearances in music videos. Some of those appearances weren’t so good, but a few really stand out for one reason or another. Here are my 5 favorites.

5. Chase Rice – Ready Set Roll
Featuring Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Chase Rice

Chase may have come in second when he played the game, but I have to put him at fifth on my list because the video isn’t really good – it’s so bad it’s good. Seriously, it has 1.2 million views and I’m sure a third of them are from me just putting it on loop and trying to make it through the whole thing without literally laughing out loud.

I know it’s a “lyrics video,” but even that doesn’t forgive the fact that it looks like a bad karaoke clip from a pirated music disc. Or maybe it’s supposed to be an extended mix of some truck commercial aimed at young single rap-cowboys. I don’t know. What I do know is that the song is only half-bad until about the 1:20 mark, at which point we learn why Mr. Rice shouldn’t ever give professional auctioneering a try.

4. The Band Perry – You Lie
Featuring Survivor: Redemption Island‘s Matt Elrod

The song having more than 12 million views probably has more to do with people enjoying the music, but I enjoy the video, too. I’m not sure if it’s because awesome table, or because the video does so much to expand on the story in the song. Regardless, it’s nice to see.

Matt pops up throughout as the lying cheating sexy boy that the singer is singing to. It mostly involves him standing around looking attractive, often with a big read heart on his face. He performs the task admirably.

You Lie is one of those catchy pop-country-folk tunes that’s full of cliche, but not so full it’s trite, so it’s fitting it has a strong video to go along with it.

3. SWV – Weak
Featuring Survivor: Tocantins‘ Tamara ‘Taj’ Johnson-George

With as much as I watched MTV in the early 90s and as hot as SWV was at the time, you would think this list would just be five of their videos, but that isn’t the case. Weak is the strongest of their videos, but that isn’t saying a horrible lot when you look at their catalog.

The weird intro that sets up the boxing story dates the video to a time when bands had a better chance of getting on television if they acted like they were making short films. SWV knocks that idea and a whole ‘nother thread is introduced rather quickly involving them watching that same movie. Overall, though, it’s just a good excuse to look good.

2. TeddieFilms – The Star Wars That I Used To Know (Gotye Parody)
Featuring Survivor: Tocantins/HvV/BvW‘s Tyson Apostol

This is how music videos are made when love is involved. Everything about this three-minutes-and-change geek parody is perfectly done, Tyson is the perfect choice for a stand-in Anakin, the lyrics are well thought out – I really can’t find anything to criticize.

I especially appreciate how the mural progresses from grey scale to Christmas colors. There might be something in that.

1. Tyler, The Creator – Tamale
Featuring Survivor: Panama – Exile Island‘s Shane Powers

On paper, I should hate this video. The song is hot, but it’s full of horrible lyrics saying horrible things. The video shows the artist using a giant booty as a trampoline, pulling one off to a book titled ‘Homophobic Beans Misogyny Bad 666 Gimmick’, and getting his ass smacked by Shane Powers on a golf course.

But I really like it.

A lot.

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