They’re Renaming An English Village “Kings Landing”

kings-langley-churchThe English village of Kings Langley, located just 21 miles northwest of London, is about to become the Westeros seat of power when they officially change their name to Kings Landing – for a week. The change is timed to celebrate the release of Game of Thrones Season 3 on DVD, and the local council is urging businesses to join in the merriment. The week-long event will begin on February 17, according to the Watford Observer.

The idea was hatched by one of the show’s executive producers, who heard the city’s name announced on the Inter-City train at Euston. The producer got in touch with Dacorum Borough Council – next stop village-wide launch party. Whether any large events are expected is still unknown – could GRRM make an appearance? – but the town council seems pretty amped about it.

“We have more connections to the Game of Thrones era than you think,” local councilor Alan Anderson has said. “It’s not just in the name!” He’s talking about the area’s history, which stretches back centuries to the time GOT emulates. They only have a month-and-a-half to plan, but hopefully they’ll capitalize on that history and make some fun stuff happen.

Thanks to The Mary Sue for the find!


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