That Swingers Podcast – Iron Man

The podcast where Mark Kalzer and Jericho McCune talk about movies. This week, our first official show, we talk about Marvel Studios’ Iron Man. We also talk about a lot of other movies, but mostly we talk about Iron Man.

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Jericho’s Final Grade – B+ (Read review)
Mark’s Final Grade – 3.5/5

We take a lot of tangents and talk about a lot of other movies. Here’s some of those that are brought up:
All the Batmen
Richard Donner’s Superman
Star Wars
Sucker Punch
John Carter
Planet Hulk
Transformers 3
The Iron Giant
The Day the Earth Stood Still (Yes, Gort was the robot I was referencing.)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
Tron: Legacy
Pulp Fiction
Wolf of Wall Street
Iron Man 3
The Lego Movie
Star Wars
The World’s End
Total Recall
The Avengers
Die Another Day
Iron Man 2
Amazing Spider-Man
Star Trek: Into Darkness

This podcast was recorded with Audacity.

Digital communication in the dead-ass cold of winter thanks to Skype.

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