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What is this site?
Over 400 players have competed on the show that created the reality-competition genre, and that number grows nearly every season. The players are not celebrities (mostly), but the show gives them their 15 minutes and they become celebrated. When the show is over, their fifteen minutes is up and they go back to their normal lives, most richer more in experience than wealth, knowing that while millions will be watching them there are still bills to pay.

Survivor casts people with powerful personalities, many with strong, opinionated voices happy to find an audience. As a show that created a legacy at the same time the world began its digital journey, it’s not surprising that many of them continue to reach out to that audience even long after they’ve left the show.

There are an enormous number of interviews out there about Survivor, by Survivors. This is an attempt to curate those interviews into an easily navigable form. Currently we are focused on audio and video interviews and discussions specifically about Survivor, but in the future we hope to add links to other work outside of Survivor, text interviews and other things that catch our interest.

How Can You Help?
This is an enormous project and we only have one caged monkey searching the internet and typing furiously to meet quota and earn a banana. There are entire websites that haven’t been indexed yet, and plenty of obscure interviews that have thus far escaped our notice.

If you want to help make this site more complete, it’s easy! Every page includes a comments section just for this purpose. All you need to do is comment on any page the Survivor you have information on is listed, and provide a link to the content in question.

To make things easier on us, please only link to any interview once. Putting a Tyson video we missed on every page Tyson is listed is counterproductive and will only create more work. When we see it on one page, we’ll automatically link to it on every page the contestant appears. Additionally, once we list the new video, we will delete the appropriate comment to prevent too many redundant links from appearing on each page, so only leave one link per comment.

What We’re Looking For
Our current focus is on media specifically related to Survivor. The most common content that falls into this category include exit interviews, red carpet interviews and episode recaps, but we’re also interested in radio spots, television spots, podcasts and any other content that fits the bill.

Eventually, we’ll be adding a section to every Survivor’s profile that will include other work. This means that you should be able to come here and learn how to make sushi with Jonas, study Yoga with Aras, or purchase a CD from Whitney. That addition won’t happen quickly, but feel free to leave links to the content in the comments so visitors can enjoy it anyway!

Certain sites have yet to be indexed but we’ll get to them as quickly as possible. We’ll be adding RTVZone, Dragon Slayer Radio and many others in batches to make it easier, but if we haven’t gotten to your favorite episodes yet, feel free to add them to the appropriate page so visitors can enjoy them in the meantime.

What We’re NOT Looking For
Identical content, gossip, Survivor’s personal information, written recaps, or Survivor podcasts that don’t include people that were on Survivor.

This website is meant to focus on the people that played the game, and offer a way for fans to follow those players, their commentary, and eventually their other work. Our objective is to approach the subject from as professional a place as possible, so under no circumstances will we be adding personal information on Survivors without their consent. This includes ANY social media accounts, even if those accounts are verified by the social media website. All comments that include this information will be deleted immediately, without question.

If content already appears on the site, we do not want to include many alternate places to find that content. We want one link per piece of content, and wherever possible we want to link to the content producer’s work. If the content comes from an established website like RHAP or SurvivorOZ, we want to link directly to that producer’s website and not directly link to their content so that they can benefit from the extra traffic our site is meant to help provide. Links that undermine this effort will be deleted immediately, without question.

Survivor recaps come in video, text and audio forms, and there are dozens of them. It is beyond the scope of this website to attempt to catalog them all, which is why we are only including those which include actual Survivors. Your recap may be incredibly popular, and we’re happy for you, but we don’t care. We’ll be adding a list of links to the main Survivor page before long, so let us know there and we’ll add yours, but this isn’t a place to advertise them or index them so please don’t add them to the comments of whatever season they match because we’ll consider it SPAM and the comments will be deleted immediately, without question.

Finally, this is not a gossip site, nor is it a news site. We’re very happy for Vytas and Kim for having beautiful, healthy children (note: smart people can figure out when this was written based on that reference), but People, Entertainment Weekly, Reality Blurred, Reality TV World and many others have that covered. Attempting to index all of the gossip and life events that affect our favorite players will make the place entirely too cluttered and detract from its primary purpose. As such, links to general news articles or gossip will be deleted immediately, without question.

If You’re A Content Producer
If you’re a content producer and we missed your site, you want your site listed differently, we have our links pointing to the wrong place, or there are mistakes that need dealt with, please contact us through our Facebook page so we can deal with that immediately. As soon as we verify you are the owner of the content, we will do everything we can to make sure you’re represented correctly on the site.

If You’re A Survivor
If you are a Survivor and you want something changed, added or removed from your profile, contact us through our Facebook page so we can help you out. Whether you aren’t happy with the picture we’ve uploaded or just want your name displayed differently, we’re happy to make that happen.

For example, Candice Cody is listed as “Candice Woodcock (Candice Cody)”, because she first competed with the last name Cody and changed her name in the seasons since. If she would want it listed the other way, “Candice Cody (Candice Woodcock)”, we’ll make that happen.

However, we will only do this for verified Survivor contestants. If you’re a “best friend that is sure that they won’t like that picture”, we understand your position but we can’t do anything for you because we don’t know you. As far as we know, you’re just trying to replace the picture with one that you’re sure will irk them, and the last thing we’re trying to do is irk the people we’re promoting.

Additionally, if you’re a Survivor and want to add personal websites, social media information, favorite charities or other, non-Survivor related content, we can help with that. Again, contact us through our Facebook page and as soon as we’re able to verify that you are who you say you are, we’ll make sure to take care of your requests.

Copyright -n- Stuff
Survivor, photographs of the cast, and other related material are owned by SEG and CBS. Use on this side is not meant to imply any form of endorsement on their part, nor should it suggest any rights by the site for use or distribution of Survivor material. Any images used on the site are for illustrative/descriptive purposes only. Team Ugli does not intend on publishing links to illegally distributed material. If any of these links are found, please report them to us so they can be removed.

Team Ugli does not reproduce, mirror or store original content from other producers. All links go to offsite destinations, except where otherwise indicated.

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