Survivor Legends: The Golden Age


Survivor Legends

Kristin Sausville, Russ Bartlett, Jericho McCune

In 2000, the television show Survivor ushered in the new millennium by blindsiding the American public so powerfully it would change the pop culture landscape forever. Hundreds have played the game over dozens of seasons, and the franchise has developed a unique fanbase, with legacies written in half based on how someone played the game and half based on how someone came across in front of the camera.

Survivor Legends seeks to examine this cultural phenomenon from both perspectives, and shine a spotlight on the people that helped to make it great. In each episode, our hosts will break down one aspect of the game, and select five contestants that they think most embody the episode’s topic – the Survivor Legends.

Each season of Survivor Legends will tackle a different “Age” in Survivor history. The first season covers Survivor’s “Golden Age,” which runs from the first season through the eighth – All-Stars. Season one was released over the Summer 2014 off-season.

Season One – The Golden Age

1. The Winners | Download | Torrent | Shownotes

2. Challenge Beasts | Download | Torrent | Shownotes

3. Strategists | Download | Torrent | Shownotes

4. Characters | Download | Torrent | Shownotes

5. Socialites | Download | Torrent | Shownotes

6. Forgotten Legends | Download | Torrent | Shownotes (w/ Mario Lanza)

Season Two – The Silver Age

Season Two, The Silver Age, is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2015 release, and we fully intend on crushing both The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron and the Battfleck movie with the name so horrible I can’t bring myself to type it. The Silver Age will continue on from Vanuatu, extending through Micronesia – meaning that things like idols and islands will be brought into the discussion. Like the Team Ugli Facebook page or subscribe to us on iTunes to get it as soon as it’s released!

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