Survivor Legends, Episode Three – The Strategists


Survivor Legends: The Golden Age

The Strategists

Kristin Sausville, Russ Bartlett, Jericho McCune


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The Strategists

Now, we know that Marty was taking Fabio for a ride in Nicaragua, thanks to him admitting it in interviews. However, Spencer is another story. His claim at chess greatness took a little research.

Not a lot, though. Math and science writer Dana Mackenzie also happens to love chess, and he’s already done the research. Spencer seems to be mostly legit, with a sprinkle of cinematic license.

Although I couldn’t find wherever it was I thought I heard about Cesternino wanting to get into comedy before he was cast on Amazon, I did find an archived interview with him post-All-Stars where he talks about working on his stand-up routine. I think it’s safe to assume that even if it wasn’t a primary objective before Amazon, he had a special page for it in his dreambook somewhere.

Also, I may or may not have heard him say that thing about the Magic 8-Ball on the Amazon 10th Anniversary Podcast.

I wrote an Ode to the Third Place Player. I’m a poet!

Here’s the Survivor Oz interview with Trish where I allegedly heard her talk about how difficult it was living with Mr. Dalton.

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