Survivor Legends, Episode Six – Forgotten Legends


Survivor Legends: The Golden Age

Forgotten Legends

Kristin Sausville, Russ Bartlett, Jericho McCune and Mario Lanza


Listen here:


The Forgotten Legends

The RHAP episode I was mostly referencing when Mario was introduced is located here. You can find most of Mario’s writing, including his “fan fiction” and archived articles from the early years of Survivor, on his website. If you want a direct link to Survivor Historians, you can just click on this title graphic I made for them many moons ago:

Here’s an article from CBSNews where Colleen describes her “ambitions” behind doing The Animal. And here’s a longer interview from the Chicago Tribune.


No, I will not post a link to Colleen’s Twitter account. Here’s a Survivor Oz interview link for Greg and Brian instead.

Speaking of Survivor Oz interviews, here’s a link to the Gervase interview that Russ quoted from.

There are not a lot of Frank interviews floating around, but you can find them if you dig deep. Here’s a buried chat log on a site that’s supposed to redirect to but doesn’t, where Frank comments on the Christmas card thing. Also, you may see at least one other familiar name.

The Survivor Oz interview with Sean Rector is a must listen. Seriously, go download it.

I couldn’t find an actual Debb Eaton interview on RHAP, but here’s the episode where Varner brings it up.
Note: Debb can be listened to on the RHAP 2012 Christmas special.

If you want to check out the Facebook group we mentioned, you can find Previously On… Survivor here.

According to, which may or may not be wholly accurate, Probst is worth $40 million.

Here’s that Silas Screws thread on Survivor Sucks.

“You are bright people on this podcast. You know what you’re talking about. More people should listen to this podcast.” ~Mario Lanza

Thanks for making The Golden Age a great season of Survivor Legends. We hope you’ll join us again next season. Make sure to rewatch seasons 9-16 before then 😉

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