Survivor Legends, Episode One – The Winners


Survivor Legends: The Golden Age

The Winners

Kristin Sausville, Russ Bartlett, Jericho McCune


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The Winners


We jest about Xfinity’s Survivor Hall of Fame, but they do do a good job of keeping the conversation going, and for that, at least, we’re thankful. They don’t have a dedicated, well-curated web presence (from what I can see), but they do have a Facebook page you can follow to be part of the conversation.

Mark Burnett’s book, Survivor : The Ultimate Game, is still available for a penny. That’s used, of course. For a new copy, it’ll cost about three bucks.

The podcast that Tina doesn’t answer the question on can be listened to here.

The Brian Heidik interview on Survivor Oz can be found here.

It’s an old interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Dalton Ross, but here’s where Probst says he will never, under any circumstances, return to Marquesas. Maybe he’s changed his mind, which people are known to do, but about this – I doubt it.

I’ve judged winners before. The list is mostly still accurate. It’s also still completely subjective.

You can read the original Stacey Stillman lawsuit on The Smoking Gun.

You can read Survivor: Hag Island over on the Survivor Sucks forums.

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