Survivor Legends, Episode Five – The Socialites


Survivor Legends: The Golden Age

The Socialites

Kristin Sausville, Russ Bartlett, Jericho McCune


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The Socialiates


According to her book, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, we got the basics of the story right, but the details wrong. You can read an excerpt from her book, where she specifically talks about Survivor, over at ABC. You can certainly trust her word more than ours.

Corn is gluten-free.

I got it a little wrong. The original paragraph on Lindsey in the “Follow The Star” spoiler read:
“Lindsey, bloody Lindsey. From her period to the tic on her rear, Lindsey was blood personified. At the E2 blood drinking challenge Burnett was sure to show how Lindsey had no hesitation in lapping up the beverage. The anti-blood Ethan opposite her doesn’t even have to stick his tongue out when he’s done. Vaporized by Ethan’s arrow.”

You can hear the Survivor Oz interview with Gabriel Cade that Russ mentions here.

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