Spoiler or Not a Spoiler? -or- John Cochran Is A Challenge Beast?!

John Cochran is turning into a challenge beast!?

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way. I should also get out of the way that I hope he makes it to the end, because it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a John Cochran address a jury.

That being said, am I the only one that gets as much a kick from the behind the scenes stuff as I do the actual show? Some of the behind the scenes things I watch are challenge previews, short features where the Survivor Dream Team, a group of individuals that get paid almost nothing to beat their body to death, show you how the challenges were constructed or run tests on them to get them ready. I like watching these because I like to build things, and Survivor challenges look like things that would be fun to build and play with.

The log holding competition that presented our scruffy red underdog with his opportunity to claim a full half of the individual immunity challenges over such dominant threats as those damnable Three Amigos was previewed yesterday, much to my delight because one of the Dream Team‘s own smashed his face on the base of the logs. He didn’t get hurt, so I’m allowed to laugh at him. It happens at about :58 if you want to laugh at him too. After seeing it, I was a bit disappointed we didn’t have a pratfall during the actual show, but such is life.

As each of the Dream Team fell out, that last little bit of rope slipped from their hands until only one was left standing, a young woman that looked fit, but not nearly as powerful as many that fell before. This is when we learn that one thing they definitely learned was that women have as much a chance to win as men.

See for yourself.

Notice something? The girl that won holding the blue rope wasn’t holding on to the bottom like everybody else. You can catch it at about 1:26.

Yeah! Did she cheat? Nope, they were testing the advantage bought at the previous challenge. Had one of the Tres Friends bought the advantage, they probably would have won the challenge between yawns. I didn’t know that at the time, but in retrospect it seems pretty obvious.

I had no clue why that was the way it was until we were told there would be a Survivor auction. Then I was like, “hey, whoever gets the advantage will probably get to hold onto a knot until the end!” Then Cochran bought the advantage and I was like…

John Cochran is turning into a challenge beast!?

I don’t know if the exclamation mark or the question mark deserves first billing in that sentence. I have a feeling when the producers found out Cochran bought the advantage, there were tears of joy for the editing potential. Like Cochran or not, he’s playing a game that allows the editors to give him a lot of love.

Was it a spoiler? Yeah, kind of, sort of, not really, no. About almost nobody probably noticed it. I noticed it, and it didn’t spoil my enjoyment. Getting an episode where Andrea just trumps her opposition’s luck and knowledge through sheer “I will be on you like stink on shit, boy, so just set the hell down in camp and calm yourself” with a hero arc where the skinny backstabber from a few seasons back is turning into the dominant threat is more than enough to get me to tune in next week, even if I did know mostly what was going to happen before it actually happened.

And it was nice to see Brenda and Erik rejoin the tribe. I wonder how long they’ll be back…

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