Ringo Starr Wants To Be A Powerpuff Girl

The world will end in a maddening display of inconceivability on January 20th, when Ringo Starr guest stars on the premiere episode of the returning Powerpuff Girls, and to prepare everyone for the end he’s recorded a song and made a video and now I’m going to let you watch it so you can have your mind blown:

Mind blown.

Seriously, that just happened.

Honestly, though, the time is as ripe for Ringo to make a third-act comeback as any. With the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first ever US tour coming up in February, there will be more opportunities for exposure than there have been in a long time. Fellow Beatle Sir Paul McCartney slayed them at Bonnaroo this year, and his act consisted of more than 3/4 Beatles numbers, so there’s certainly a market for it.

McCartney, though, brings back the nostalgic feeling that the more airy and harmonious songs of the Beatles represent. Based on a rewatch of the Powerpuff Girls video, I could see just as big a resurgence of the melodious, wacky, bouncy, fun part of the Beatles legacy that often gets lost in the somber emotion of recollection.

Oh, and I wish I was a Powerpuff Girl, too.

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