No Joke, Bill Nye Set To Debate Creation Museum Founder Ken Ham

Bill Nye visits Goddard Space Flight CenterEveryone’s favorite science guy, Bill Nye, is ready to battle behind a podium for science. His opponent, Ken Ham, will be fighting for creationism. The topic?

Is Creation A Viable Model of Origins?

The debate is scheduled for February 4th, and it will be held at Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY, a few miles from the Cincinnati airport, and although it’s probably going to be put on as much for marketing ploy as serious discussion, we can expect both participants to have some sound bites at the ready.

Bill Nye has been an outspoken opponent of teaching creationism in school, going so far as to release this BigThink video on the topic:

This caused Creation Museum founder Ken Ham to respond:

People on both sides of the argument have been pining for a debate on this for a while, so it’s important to emphasize that this is not a joke. This will happen.

There’s no telling how it will turn out, but it should be interesting regardless. We’ll see on February 4th, hopefully live because they mention streaming it on the Museum’s blog.

Fingers crossed they do.

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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