Louis CK’s New Old Movie, Paul Blart 2, and Two Possible New Series

paulblart_guitarWhether or not you think Paul Blart is a fantastic piece of cinema worthy of a sequel, the suits at Sony were so happy with the amount of money the original made ($146 million, just in the US) that they’ve greenlit a sequel. The further misadventures of the mall cop is being written by the original creative team of Kevin James and Nick Bakay, and James will be reprising his role. Check out The Hollywood Reporter for more.

Sons of Anarchy is ending, so FX and Kurt Sutter are already preparing what sounds like an amazing new series. Titled The Bastard Executioner, the story will follow a knight in King Edward III’s army that takes a vow of pacifism but gets called back into action by things outside his control. It would be nice to see another strong historic drama on a schedule, especially one helmed by Sutter. There’s more on Variety.

There may not be a sequel to The Office in Rainn Wilson’s future, but another Variety story reports that he’s been given a second chance on Backstrom, the pilot he starred in that CBS passed on for the 2013 season. Created by Hart Hanson, who also created Bones, the police drama has been picked up for a 13-episode run on FOX. Rainn seems happy as hell about it, according to the aforementioned site.

Louis C.K. didn’t used to be famous, and when he wasn’t famous he made a grainy-ass black-and-white movie with a bunch of other people that weren’t famous, some of which have since become as famous or even more famous than he. It’s called Tomorrow Night, and most of the world hasn’t seen it. The movie premiered at Sundance, and then it disappeared. Now he’s planning on finally releasing it for public consumption. He intends to release it online at some point in the not-to-distant future. Here’s a bizarre trailer that doesn’t explain anything:

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