“I’ll Do It All Over Again” – Billy Murray (Lyrics)

BillyMurrayEdisonMay1911I was trying to find the lyrics to the 1914 Billy Murray song, I’ll Do It All Over Again, when I realized that they didn’t exist anywhere I was able to find them. So, I transcribed them myself. There are a couple spots that I’m a little unsure of, but I don’t care. They look good enough to me. If you think you heard them clearer and spot a mistake, leave me a note in the comments and I’ll fix it if I think you’re right.

If you don’t know, this is a public domain song available for download at FreeMusicArchive.org, conveniently embedded in an ingenious magic player thing below. Use it, abuse it, just make sure to give some credit when applicable.

I’ll Do It All Over Again

I am off for a trip,
I have just sent my grip,
On its way to the ship,
Because I saw my doctor today,
And he tells me I must go away for a little while.
He just gave me a frown,
Says you have to leave town,
For your nerves are run down.
No fear, I’m not going to die
I just dropped in to say goodbye!

So goodbye to the lights,
And the glorious nineties,
The price I am paying,
For my cabaret-ing,
And the old doctor tells me my liver is queer,
I must rest for a year.

I have nervous frustration,
From that hesitation,
But I don’t regret it,
The bankroll I’ll bet that,
That if I’m into submission a year from today,
Why, I’ll do it all over again.

I’ve turned night into day,
I have seen every play,
Been in every cafe,
And everything just seems to be right,
So my life has been one big Arabian night.
You see, no more Tangos for me,
No more four o’clock tea,
Me, far over the sea.
Where I can eat with my knife,
Oh, it’s me for the sinful life!

So goodbye to the lights,
And the girlies in tights,
Every tapping show dinner,
Just makes me grow thinner.
And the old doctor tells me, I’m all out of gear,
I can’t even have beer.
No more raising the dickins with pretty young chickens,
But I’m not complaining,
I’m just going and training,
If I’m not with the angels a year from today,
While, I’ll do it all over again!

More information on the recording at the Library of Congress website.

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