I Gotta Call Zack – Episode 3: Kim Jong Putin’s Gatsby Party


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We made it to episode 3 of I Gotta Call Zack!. This time, Zack and I discuss the Olympics, whether Putin is an idiot, Survivor, whether Kim Jong Un should be shot in the face, and some other stuff that may or may not be relevant to your interests. Also, songs, and Zack coins a new phrase!

I’ve done some digging and got what information I could on the first song. Its title is translated as “Three Lucky Treasures,” or sometimes as just “Lucky Treasures”. It was composed by an Inner Mongolia singer and television personality, Buren Bayaer. It was originally written for his daughter, but has become incredibly popular throughout China after being recorded by a few different artists. Although it was originally written in Mongolian, a Mandarin version has been released, as have a few parody covers.

There is an argument about the song being similar to the French song Le Papillon, the title song on the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. Both songs have a similar structure, being constructed out of a conversation between a child and their parent, asking typically inquisitive questions. There’s even a lawsuit over it.

Here, listen to Le Papillon:


And listen to Three Lucky Treasures again:

Oh, and Chandman Erdene, I believe, is the name of the trio performing the song. Here’s a rough translation of the song, but I’m pretty damn sure it isn’t complete considering the one phrase I absolutely recognize in the song doesn’t appear in the lyrics. That, and there’s more than two verses.

There are almost two-and-a-half times as many Summer events as there are Winter events.

Slopestyle will be an event for both snowboarders and skiers. It will probably be the most exciting part of the Winter Olympics – at least as far as the sporting events are concerned.

The sports commentator who’s name I mangled is Sal Masekela. He also had a program on E once upon a time. Shane Powers had an incredible interview with him about his career and the upcoming Olympics. You can listen to it over on Shane’s website.

Fifty billion was close to accurate on the cost, but I’ve found sources that cite anywhere from 35 – 60. There will probably never be a perfect budget submitted or anything, but close enough is good enough.

The chicken stunt was actually pulled by an activist group called Voina, and the stunt was called “How To Snatch A Chicken? The Tale Of How One Cunt Fed The Whole Group”. Two of the members of Pussy Riot are also members of the Moscow chapter of Voina.

Volgograd is an example of a place getting bombed because of the Olympics. And yes, I can’t pronounce shit right. That’s not a thing that’s supposed to be funny; it’s just that I’m not smart on pronunciation and stuff.

300,000 cubic meters of snow costs approximately $11 million to store in Sochi for a year. And yes, people are really using the covered in Beluga line.

Not only are Olympic facilities mostly unused, they’re actually falling apart.

Make the term “Gatsby Party” a thing. If it’s already a thing, make it a bigger thing and give Zack credit anyway. You heard it here first, kids!

Check out this Coke ad, which ties into the hashtag hijacking Zack mentioned:

For the record, Billie Jean King was 26 years younger than Bobby Riggs. Also for the record, I don’t care. She whipped his ass. Sour grapes are sour.

Here’s a small article about the uproar over the David Sampson bio. It isn’t too hard to find more info about it. People really don’t seem to like this guy, and the Marlins stadium fiasco is a big reason why.

By the way, David Samson has been with the Marlins for a dozen years. I told you I don’t know shit about baseball. That’s why I do these shownotes!

I don’t know if they still are, but when I was living in China, S.H.E. was one of the most popular groups in the industry. I heard this song in every club and bar I went to that wasn’t playing shitty house music.

Here’s another one of their tracks:

Wo zhi ai ni, you are my Super Star!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Survivor lore, Gary Hawkins was the pseudonym of footballer Gary Hogeboom, who tried to hide his identity even though there was a person playing the game with him that was both a sports commentator and had a poster of him on her wall at one point!

Cliff Robinson has already talked about his trip to North Korea with NBC sports, among other organizations. Now that he’s on Survivor, he’ll probably talk about it more, because journalists will make him. I hope people give him the benefit of listening to what he has to say on the issue before deciding to pass judgement.

If you’re interested in checking out the Survivor cast profiles and videos, you can find them all on CBS’s website.

This is the point where I would link to my Top 5 list for Survivor seasons, but I’m rewriting that list so there will be a new one up before long that better sums up my opinions – which have changed since I wrote the original article.

Zack is the guy with the Survivor podcast. You can listen to it here, and subscribe before the new season starts.

Tighty whities, little boy:

Hopefully, you can see why this didn’t make my Top 5: Videos Featuring Survivor Players.

After listening to Tamale a half-billion times or so, though, I made this dumb-ass video:

I would move to Arizona, too. I wouldn’t listen to Public Enemy the whole way, because that would get repetitive in an annoying sort of way after a while, but I would definitely listen to them more than twice.

Kingdom of Loathing was built in Arizona. That gives them some added cool points, at least.

Since our discussion on North Korean politics, Kim Jong Un has went all Tywin Lannister and wiped out his uncle’s entire bloodline.

I forgot to give us time to sign off. Know we love you. Talk to us in the comments. Or don’t.

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See you next week.

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