I Gotta Call Zack – Episode 1: 2014, Week 1


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Here’s the first episode of our brand spankin’ new podcast, I Gotta Call Zack!, where Zack Rovinsky and I prattle on about cultural milestones, significant events and blowjobs. You would think that since it’s the first pancake it might not be so good, but you would be wrong. This thing is full of greatness just waiting to be let loose.

You can read the full George Carlin bit here.

A humblebrag is a form of bragging while attempting to make it look like you aren’t bragging. If you haven’t heard about it, the NY Times published an entire article about it. So did The Wall Street Journal.

The song Liquor and Wine is by Polina Kourakina, an independent artist based out of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s off of the album Wanderlust, which I picked up off of her for $10 at one of her shows. If you aren’t able to get to one of her shows, you can always listen to it on SoundCloud. Or, better yet, buy it on Amazon.

Here’s that video, as promised:

If you like what you hear, she also does the Facebook thing.

I wasn’t really impressed with the newest Star Trek, but my friend Shane liked it. As far as I’m concerned, it was a decent sci-fi action flick but a disappointing Trek film. Zack’s description of it being a big-budget fanfic sounds about right to me. Some people might even argue that there’s already Star Trek film fanfiction out there that’s better.

Here’s my review of Iron Man 2 from a long time ago in a land far away. Literally. I wrote it in China.

I loved Iron Man 3, and thought the Mandarin twist was clever. There’s a rumor that there’s going to be more coming for the character. I still haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World. When I do, I’ll be sure to gush about it all fanboy like.

Just two years ago, Complex named Matthew Mcconaughey the 34th worst actor in Hollywood history.

The Slamdance website is located here.

Here’s the Zero Charisma Trailer:

The OKCupid story may be interesting enough to bring up later, but it’s still too early for TMI.

You do know about Better Call Saul, the planned prequel? Or sequel? Or whatever?

wolfofwallstreetthrowmoneyThis would have been cool to catch.

Speaking of throwing money out a window, I want to see Wolf of Wall Street.

A lot.

Here’s the official press release for the Marvel/Netflix deal. Trust me when I say that we’ll be talking about this more. I may just convince Zack to watch one series or the other. At least for an episode or two.

This may or may not be the commercial being discussed:

The native language UFO uses in Mama Africa that Zack references is called Sheng. It is a mix of English and Swahili developed in Nairobi’s slums. The song is part of a compilation produced by Raw Music International, and is distributed for free on FreeMusicArchive. I’ve heard a rumor they’re working on producing a South American collection. I hope those rumors are true.

You can find the Bill Nye debate information right here.

Grant money is being spent on The Ark. Unless something has changed since this article.

Remember when the Pope joined Twitter?

Here’s an article about weed.

Here’s another article about weed.

The championship match being referenced is Cena/Orton.

Universal HD is this channel.

In 2011, Abbey Road was the #1 best-selling vinyl.

I’m taking suggestions on which three movies he should watch. Leave yours in the comments.

qMMqJLaGal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman. There’s a lot of Justice League news to catch up on. Keep an eye on the front page; I’ll post a rundown of all the news and rumors this week.

This podcast was recorded with Audacity.

Digital communication in the dead-ass cold of winter thanks to Skype.

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See you next week. Or start a conversation in the comments. No pressure.

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