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where we talk about internet etiquette, board games turning into movies, movie remakes, Canton First Friday, and the music of three beautiful voices: Kate Tucker, Polina Kourakina, and Via Lotus Originally recorded in a secret volcano lair in early Feb, ’12.

You can download Kate Tucker’s “Ghost of Something New” here. You will have to enter your email address, so they can email you another link, where you can download the album. You can also elect to donate something for the album. The choice is yours.

If you’ve decided that you’re a Kate Tucker fan and want to train jump while you still can, check out her website, and like her on Facebook.

Additionally, Kate will be at Musica on April 6, with Lovedrug.

Here’s a taste of what we were talking about, from the film “That Thing Called Love.” Samantha Mathis sings a song that would have fit this episode’s playlist:

5 Rules of Internet Etiquette:
1. Do not “friend” someone with the preconceived notion that they owe you a favor. Especially if you don’t know them in real life or haven’t seen them in years.
2. Unless you are a personal friend of someone, do not expect someone to like your whatever unless they actually like it. This includes your band, podcast or pixelated farm.
3. The only people that generally post anonymously are people with something to hide. If you do not tell someone who you are as soon as you contact them, don’t be surprised when they immediately block you.
4. If the conversation at hand does not immediately address your political, religious or moral belief, don’t turn it in that direction. Dick.
5. No jackassary.
(That being said – we’re a podcast, not people, so if you have a band – contact us! If we don’t know who you are, we want to hear you. We’ll be self-promotional for you, if we like you. Email us: supertoast[dot]podcast[at]gmail[dot]com.)

Tell me that isn’t the hottest thing you’ve ever seen! Back in the days of Prodigy and Compuserve, when we had to walk two miles in the snow with no shoes on to plug in the internet, that’s what we had to deal with – not all of this newfangled streaming stuff. And it still gave us viruses, so quit yer bitchin’!

Polina Kourakina was down at Canton First Friday. She played at Buzzbin, which is where Mrs. Peacock was holed up.

You can pick up Polina’s album, “Wanderlust,” on CD Baby here. Only $5 to download, or you can catch one of her shows and pick up a hard copy for $10. Koko has listened to it at least once a day since he picked it up, so there is that.

Check out her website here, and like her on Facebook if you feel so inclined.

Here’s the video she did for “Liquor and Wine”:

Polina will be at the Brite Winter Festival, which looks like a good time. Look, you have something to do!

Now, here’s a scene from Clue. We thought it would be fitting to choose the one in which Mrs. Peacock introduces herself – kind of:

And this is what they came up with for Battleship:

Battleship is coming out May 18, so the fact is that we mock without seeing. That puts us in a dangerous position, because it could be good. Peter Berg (Hancock, Very Bad Things) helmed the beast and it stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna and Taylor Kitsch. Kitsch has a lot at stake with this movie, especially if John Carter fails. Berg and Kitsch worked together on the Friday Night Lights pilot, and the pair of Neeson and Skarsgård as commanders of a naval fleet seems like a no-brainer. The geniuses behind Transformers are making things move quickly and go boom. It might just work.

Here is Witchboard. In its entirety, for as long as it lasts on Youtube. If it breaks, send us a note so we can put something less amazing here:

Here’s a note on the new Candyland movie!

Also, Jumanji was fun!:

There are arguments both for and against Reservoir Dogs being a remake. We respect them both. Regardless, Reservoir Dogs was very, very much derivative of City on Fire. Additionally, Cracked is as good a source of information as IMDB, except Cracked has better editors.

We couldn’t go a whole post without using the word derivative, could we? That would just be insane.

Click here for the list of A Star is Born wiki pages, then pick your poison. It’s a pretty interesting story – especially the Judy Garland film.

If you look up the word cute in the dictionary, you will get a picture of Dia Frampton. This chick is playing both the Grog Shop and Musica this month.

Here’s a link to that Johnny & The Apple Stompers show at the Grog Shop. They’re on Facebook.

This guy will be at Musica. Expect a less-energetic show, as he had a heart attack on stage last year and doesn’t want to repeat that performance.

We tried to look up the information but discovered putting “Gallagher sues brother” into Google makes the internet go all Oasis weepy, so we stopped. There’s also a link to the comedian’s wiki page, that explains what we meant.

Via Lotus is awesome. They’re on Facebook, and their ReverbNation page has a couple of downloads, including “My Own Worst Enemy.”

Tasha from Via Lotus is definitely cutting her hair off. Here’s a link to the Facebook page. After the event they’ll be filming the last part of that music video we told you about, which they’re releasing at Musica. You should go and support them. Also, cancer is pretty important.

Here’s a song by the Sundays to go out on. We’re reserving a spot in a future show for the Via Lotus video, though!

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