FBI Now National Security Organization More Than Law Enforcement Organization

FBI-logoEven though the FBI picked up a lot more responsibilities after 9/11, which concerned some people that they were straying away from the law enforcement duties they were built for, the FBI has always been careful to position itself as law enforcement first, national security when time permits. That’s changed, and now the FBI officially describes itself as “an intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization.”

Some may see this as a question of semantics, but the FBI is a government organization, so it requires the law to justify all of its actions – and the law is all about semantics! More importantly, this makes official the fears of many. By embracing the national security moniker, they reinforce the jackbooted thug image in the popular psyche.

On their ‘Quick Facts’ page, which is the About Us mainpage, they still make a point of reinforcing their commitment to law enforcement. They do still push the national security thing, though. Because it really is a thing now.

In truth, there could be nothing to the change in language beyond whoever writes the promotional material saying, “you know what, maybe it’s time to say it like this because it sounds better.” Based on the amount of official responsibilities the FBI has been picking up, it’s more likely to be an effort to marry the idea of national security and national law enforcement, meaning I won’t be surprised if a State police department is renamed as a State security organization sometime in the near future?

Which state do you think will be the first to jump on the bandwagon? Ohio State Security sounds like a mall cop organization or a university security team, but if it gets put into use that could change.

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