Duck Tales Gets Remastered For Summer Release

ducktales_remasteredCapcom’s Duck Tales, one of the greatest platformers ever made, is getting a ‘remastered’ rerelease this Summer. The announcement was made recently at PAX East and was received with a worldwide collective joygasm from nearly every individual that remembers the original.

The remastered version of the original game was developed by WayForward and will be available on Xbox Live, PSN, and Wii U. The majority of the gameplay has remained unchanged, with the focus instead being on updating the look for a new generation of gamers. Boss battles, which had been notoriously easy the first time around, have been revamped to add a bit more challenge, and extras have been included – like the ability to swim in Uncle Scrooge’s money between quests! Plus, the new version has remastered music and Disney voice talent giving some more life to the characters.

“Why fix what isn’t broke?” the naysayers will shout. “Is gaming, like Hollyweird, running out of new ideas?!”

First, it’s “broken,” not “broke.” Second, only people that live in Los Angeles that want to make people that don’t live in Los Angeles feel cool, or people that don’t live in Los Angeles that fail at trying to look cool, use the word “Hollywierd.” So stop.

This is wonderful because this game was amazing. It no longer is because the technology used to run the game is obsolete so young gamers will have to either find a janky emulator to run it or comb garage sales and eBay for a still-functional NES. For only $15 (or 1200 gamer points on the Xbox), gamers will be able to download it straight to their console of choice. The game has been tweaked to account for nearly 25 years of technological and gaming innovation, but only in what looks to be positive and non-detracting ways.

I’m excited. Honestly, I no longer own a game console because of the prohibitive time suck they cause when I’m in their proximity, but this game makes me almost nostalgic enough to go buy one anyway. Almost. Let’s wait and see what gets remastered next.

Check out this video to whet your own appetite.

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