Donald Trump Skewered By Sesame Street – A Look Back

donald_grumpDonald Trump is in the news again. He’s creating controversy again. Depending on how things go, this may be the point where even his closest allies duck behind furniture, but no matter how it turns out – he’s used to it. He’s spent his whole life causing drama. His whole version of celebrity is built on it.

When you think of Donald Trump in 2015, it’s hard to think of Donald Trump the human being. He’s often seen as a caricature of himself. He maybe used to be somebody called Donald Trump, but now he’s a cartoon character playing a role. He’s The Apprentice guy, the one that provides a medium in which Meatloaf can snap and nearly kill Gary Busey. He’s essentially Jeff Probst crossed with the monocled Monopoly fella.

But he’s always been a larger than life figure, a notable New Yorker in the news. Even before there were 24-hour news cycles, he was doing whatever it took to make headlines. Trump Tower in New York opening in 1983 was an especially big deal. So big a deal, in fact, that none other than Sesame Street took a swipe at him a mere five years later.

On January 14th, 1988 (Episode 2399), Sesame Street had a visitor in the form of Ronald Grump, a grouch that cons Oscar into selling his trash can so Ronald can develop the first ever Grouch apartment complex. Along with the letters B and D, and the number 12, that day’s episode was dominated by a parody of The Donald. Check it out:

That’s right. More than 25 years ago, the most beloved children’s program in the United States dedicated an entire episode to teaching kids that he’s not the most trusted guy on the block.

Since then, Trump hasn’t held back. He’s remained in the public eye as much as he could. But by 2005, Sesame Street wasn’t as leery of what he was doing. Instead of going after his business, they went after his celebrity – even going so far as mocking his hair. Nearly 2000 episodes later (Episode 4104), a new Muppet appears on Sesame Street, only this time he’s looking for an apprentice.

Donald Grump’s his name, and he has the most trash in the world:

Did you catch the Omagrossa dig? If nothing else, Sesame Street won’t want for Muppet caricatures if Trump becomes the next president. The Muppet version of The Donald that sits atop this very page is even a real thing they made, although it didn’t get to appear in the episode thanks to time restrictions.

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