Could Shannen Doherty Appear In ‘Clerks 3’


Thanks to the internet, people that write stuff for websites are allowed to contemplate things without any solid evidence. Thus, I bring you the idea that Shannen Doherty may have a part in Clerks 3, if she chooses to accept it.

The Clerks franchise is built to be the perfect spot fest, with Clerks supplying a host of ‘idiot/angry customer’ roles for Kevin Smith’s friends to fill, and Clerks 2 transforming that into a venue for his celebrity friends to fill. It seems completely credible to me that the final episode of the trilogy, which is likely to be set back at the Quick Stop, will feature plenty of cameos by characters from the View Askewniverse.

What led to this speculation? An innocuous tweet from Kevin Smith to Ms. Doherty:

See, doesn’t actually confirm anything. That’s not going to stop me from speculating. I hope its true, and I hope we’ll see a lot of the other characters we’ve missed since they halcyon days of yore. We can already pretty much guarantee Affleck will be in it. The question is which character he’ll play. Walt better reprise at least one, too.

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