Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins Real Life Music Video Past (And some of the other cast, too)

joshhopkinsunsentOn the March 12 episode of Cougar Town, Abed’s favorite show that isn’t Inspector Spacetime, Josh Hopkins’ character got outed as having had been in a music video for an Alanis Morissette song of yesteryore.

This mimics a plot point earlier in the show’s run concerning Courteney Cox’s character appearing in a Bruce Springsteen video, much like her real life counterpart.

In reality, Josh Hopkins was actually in an Alanis Morissette video for the song Unsent, back when he was just a wee 27 years old. He doesn’t look much different after all these years.

Take a look:

I guess that’s tit for tat when it comes to the past, considering the Bruce Springsteen video that Courteney Cox was in way back when. What, you haven’t seen that, either?

Of course, Crista Miller was in that video for The Drew Carey Show theme song, Cleveland Rocks:

I’m not sure if Busy Phillips was ever in a music video, but she kinda-sorta made one on Dawson’s Creek:

And I wanted to wait until we were alone to show you this, but I just can’t. Keep it in our vault:

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