Constantine, Gotham and Amazon – Comics on TV

batman_rogues_galleryWith all of the success that comic book properties are having in cinemas, it’s not a surprise studios are turning their attention to the small screen. Over the next few years, time slots are going to start filling up with even more familiar faces than they already have.

Constantine, last seen in live-action as a mediocre Keanu Reeves film, has received a pilot order from NBC, according to Deadline. It is being co-executive produced by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer, with a script written by the two. Goyer has a lot of influence on DC universe scripts already, so the series should fit the feel they’ve been developing.

This news came out just behind the announcement that FOX has picked up another DC property, Gotham. The story is said to be a “Batman story without Batman,” but ComicBookMovie has information that it’s more of a very elongated origin story. Bruce Wayne will appear, and he’ll finally put on the cape at the very end of the series, but he’s only 12 at the start of the series. The main objective is to provide a rich origin for his rogue’s gallery – including Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, and a lot more.

That means there will be four series set in the DC world, even if they all don’t connect precisely. The CW’s Arrow will be set in the same world as the currently in production Flash series for the same channel – the character was introduced in Arrow, after all – but there’s no indication of whether Gotham or Constantine are planned to inhabit the same universe. We do know that Gotham will not be part of the shared universe they’re creating in the films.

On the disappointing end of the spectrum, the Wonder Woman prequel series that’s been in limbo at the CW has officially went from put on hold to put on dead. Like every attempt at getting Wonder Woman back in live action since her first series, the excuse is that they still can’t find a script. I’m not sure if I believe that nobody has been able to write a good Wonder Woman script in decades. Bull. Poop.

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