Cobblestone Gonzos: Issue Two


Issue Two

where Jericho talks about music licensing, Robin Williams, and steak

The first song was “I Still Remember” by The Spectacular Fantastic. The band doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter or anything like that, but they do have a website you can check out if you so desire.

I’m going to repeat this here, because I don’t ever want to talk about it again, unless I have to.
Public Domain – Anyone can use it for anything, in any way.
Attribution – You must give credit to the person that made it if you use it.
Non-commercial – You cannot use it in a way designed to make money.
Share Alike – You must release your work under the same license as the original.
No Derivatives – You cannot alter the original recording in any way, shape or form

You can read more about the licenses here.

The second song was “Full Time Daddy, Part Time Punk” by Jaakko. I have very little information beyond what is provided on that FreeMusicArchive link. He does have a Bandcamp.

When I finish that suggested list of Robin Williams films, I’ll post it in place of this sentence, which is currently acting like a placeholder. Beyond that, I don’t have much to add except that he will be missed by many, and the few that don’t feel an absence of his presence don’t much matter to me at the moment.

Derek Clegg’s “Hollywood” was, I think, I fitting song for the moment. He has a website you can peruse. Here’s a video of “Hollywood” done all acoustic-y:

The last artist we heard was Kellee Maize. She distributes most of her work under a very basic attribution license, which is incredible. That song was “Indo Amnesia,” from her album The Fifth Element. She has a website, and a huge web presence, and I’ll most likely be talking about her more in future episodes. Probably next episode, because there’s one video, in particular, that I want to share then. So for now, we’ll leave on this note:

This podcast was recorded and cleaned up with Audacity. Hosting thanks to the Internet Archive. Most music used on Cobblestone Gonzos can be found on FreeMusicArchive. The Cobblestone Gonzos logo created by Jericho McCune, derived from a photograph taken by Benjamin Wiens.
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