Top 5 Disney Animated Classics

Disney is a behemoth in the entertainment industry. They produce films, television, music, books, games and toys. They operate multiple world-renowned theme parks, have their own cruise line, and have…


Top 5: Game Of Thrones Characters – Season 1

One of the main reasons people find Game of Thrones so captivating is the depth of character. Everyone that comes on our screen has a fully developed back story that…


Top 5: Music Videos Featuring Survivor Contestants

It should come as no surprise that Survivor celebrities and semi-celebrities have made their fair share of appearances in music videos. Some of those appearances weren’t so good, but a…


Top 5: Survivor Winners

Tonight is the season finale of Survivor: Caramoan – Fans Vs. Favorites II. It will mark the end of the 26th game played by US competitors, and the 25th winner…

Top 5: Survivor Seasons

The first season of Survivor was unarguably a television phenomenon. “Survivor Fever” swept the country, it was appointment television. Nobody thought it would last but everyone was excited it existed….

Top 5: Tribal Councils That Weren’t Final Tribal Councils

Advertisements for the most recent episode of Survivor: Fans Vs. Favorites 2 – Stealth R Us or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Look For An Idol included fan-turned-favorite…


Top 5: Cartoon Cats

When it comes to cartoons, cats are king. Sure, a mouse might hold the top spot, but compare the number of cartoon mice you can name to the number of…


Top 5 – Side One, Track One

The beginning of every CD, the start of every tape – before things could be easily arranged digitally, music was served for consumption in a specific order. Whether it was…


Top 5 Films Featuring Professional Wrestlers

With the 1,000th episode of WWE’s Raw looming on the near horizon, here’s a look at the best movies featuring professional wrestlers. 1. They Live 2. The Princess Bride 3….


Top 5 Films (That Helped Turn Me Into Me)

I’ve watched them over and over and over, can quote them endlessly and have flashbacks to special points in my life every time I watch them. 1. Pump Up the…


Top 5 Lists (In No Particular Order)

Which lists are the greatest lists of all time? These lists are. 1. The Code of Hammurabi 2. AFI’s 100 Years/100 Films 3. The Periodic Table of Elements 4. FBI’s…