5 Great Songs About Geek Media

One of the measuring sticks for a true geek phenomenon is the amount of fan attention it gets, not just as a consumer base but as an artistic base. Fan fiction holds the title of the most common form of artistic fans showing their support, but it is becoming more common to see artistic expression in all its forms – sculpture, paintings, movie posters, poetry, comics and songs.

Most of it is obviously amateur quality, but amongst the chaff lies the wheat. Here’s a look at six great songs featuring geek media – fantasy novels, video games or whatever. They’re not in any particular order of “greatness.” Really, this is more of an assortment than a list. They’re all good.

The Hobbit Song Allie Goertz, Megan Barrett
Middle Earth is easily the most loved fantasy series ever and the setting for this beautiful song about Bilbo and his adventures. Sung from the points of view of first Bilbo and then Gandalf, the tune and the lyrics capture the magic of The Hobbit perfectly.

This video does more than just pay homage to one of the most influential fairy tales of the modern era, it proves two things to the geek community. First, it really is time to put to rest the old trope about there not being any geek girls. Second, you don’t ever see those girls because while you’re spending your time eating chili fries and discussing recent rule changes to Dungeons and Dragons at the comic book shop because your game doesn’t start until eight and you need to waste time until then, the girls you find so ephemeral are busy making awesome shit.

Write Like the Wind Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo, Paul Sabourin
Produced by the team at Geek & Sundry, this amusing ditty doesn’t pay tribute so much to the material as it does to the artist. Anyone familiar with the Game of Thrones series knows that the creator is infamous for the amount of time he takes between novels. For impatient nerds, it feels like dog years.

Paul and Storm wrote this song as an amusing musical roast, making fun of the series while still showing their love for six page descriptions of every last meal. Tolkien spent a billion words on describing a hill, so maybe that’s the trick to gaining a legion of followers. Either way, have a listen to the funny:

Fett’s Vette MC Chris
You can’t call yourself a Star Wars fan if you haven’t heard this song. Sure, you might like the franchise, might even like it a whole bunch, enough to have read some of the books and played some of the games. But you’re not a real fan.

Told from the perspective of Boba Fett, the most famous space bounty hunter ever, this song let’s the world know that chasing bounties is hard work, yo.

Star Trekkin The Firm
One of the oldest tributes of this kind, The Firm helped break ground for most of the others on this list when this 1987 release hit number one on the UK Singles chart. It can be found on a lot of comedy compilations from the era, including some Dr. Demento stuff.

Trek fans are divided on the issue of whether it’s good or not. Some think it’s a horrible parody designed only to mock; others think that it is a fun addition to the world of all things Trek.

Prince Caspian Phish
Need something to listen to so you can relax? This ode to one of Narnia’s most famous human rulers is the record for you. There isn’t a whole lot to it lyrically, but there doesn’t need to be. The music rolls out like the waves the Dawn Treader traveled over, which is the point.

Any others you might recommend?

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